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A very demanding technical race with a total distance of 21.233 km. Strolling through the nature trails of Moutti tis Horas (Μούττη της Χώρας), Doxa Si O Theos (Δόξα σοι ο Θεός) the runners will ascent 1.093 meters all the way up to the Madari Peak Forestry Department Lookout (Πυροφυλάκιο της Μαδαρής) and then descent 1,119 m back to the finish line at Spilia Village. A race for demanding trail runners comprising a rough course and picturesque terrain in the heartland of Madari.

Starting from Spilia Village the trail runners will head towards the renowned EOKA hideouts (Λημέρια του Διγενή) with a panoramic view over the gulf of Morphou, Nicosia and the plains of Mesaoria; heading then towards the Moutti tis Horas trail on the way to Madari peak (1,643 m) at the 14.94 km point and then start the downhill descent.

The steepest uphill at 13.86 km is +31.1%, whereas the steepest downhill -33.3% is at 15.48 km. The longest uphill is 1.89 km (at 9.99 km), and the longest downhill 2.34 km at 16.83 km.



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