Running Clubs in Cyprus

DRO.ME.A. Racing

Probably the biggest running club in Cyprus. Their main objective is the development of long-distance running in the Cyprus both as recreation and as a high-level sport. Founded in 2008.


Founded in 1987 after the Marathon runner Pericles Demetriou. The club promotes running as a part of a healthy lifestyle and consists of amateur runners.

West Coast Runners

Based in the Paphos area, a small friendly group of happy runners who like to run anywhere from city streets to coastal paths to scenic mountain trails. All abilities welcome!

Athalassa Park Runners

The mission of the Athalassa Park Running Club is to promote, practice, and enjoy the unbounded benefits of running as we support each other in our personal fitness goals.

Anorthosis Runners

Founded in 2017, Anorthosis Famagusta Runners' aim is to keep the name of Famagusta alive as well as to remind and inform everyone about the Cyprus problem.

APOEL RUnners team

The APOEL Runners Team do not only love APOEL but they also love running! This club was formed in 2015 and has weekly running meetings. Based in Nicosia.


Omonoia Runners was formed by fans of the club that love running. It consists of runners of all ability levels. The group’s goal is to motivate people towards fitness and promote running in Cyprus.


Dedicated to a Marathon legend, Stelios Kyriakides, this running club is based in Paphos and was founded in 1994. It includes runners from all abilities.


Formed in 1994, the Cyprus Health Runners Club is based in Nicosia and organises running events such as the Aphrodite Half-Marathon in Pafos.

Paphos running club

A running club based in Paphos mostly comprised by British ex-pats. The running club includes people from all abilities and ages.

Limassol Lizards

Limassol Lizards train at Tsireio Stadium in Limassol and are also Members of G.S.O Club. They mainly train children from 8-16 years old and they specialize in middle and long distances.